Dynamic Instrumentation
and Cloud-Based Intelligence

TRAPMINE + ZeroGap Integration

TRAPMINE performs on-device dynamic intsrumentation and behavioral analysis to detect exploit attempts, file-less malware, ransomware and process injection attacks without relying on traditional signatures and IOCs. These prevention techniques are used to detect zero-day attacks and malicious activity at execution time.

In addition, TRAPMINE ZeroGap integration provides cloud-sourced file reputation and blacklist capability to block known threats at pre-execution stage. TRAPMINE calculates unique identifier for each process and submits to ZeroGap. If the file is defined as a malicious by ZeroGap, TRAPMINE blocks the process before execution.

Unknown applications are sent to ZeroGap for a verdict. ZeroGap performs machine-learning and sandbox analysis for unknown files on the cloud rapidly to gain more insight and reduce false positives. TRAPMINE ZeroGap Integration provides advanced protection against known and unknown malware.

TRAPMINE + ZeroGap Platform

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