Professional Services with Advanced Security Solutions

Red Team & Penetration Test

Assessing corporate security vulnerabilities and risks from an aggressive point of view is one of the most important issues. Periodically testing of the security infrastructure of organizations is a very important issue that helps protect the assets.

Penetration Testing from TRAPMINE Consulting helps you to protect your cyber assets by detecting vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in your infrastructure. Also, our team helps organizations meet regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI-DSS.

Industrial Control Systems

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are one of the weak structure in terms of security. It is also one of the target structures for attackers. Nowadays, attackers use typical attack methods when they target to Industrial Control Systems This situation makes necessary to develop cyber security strategies to protect Industrial Control Systems.

The TRAPMINE researchers has gained worldwide attention with research for Industrial Control Systems. Trapmine provides a proactive approach to establishing the necessary strategies and designing secure infrastructures.

TRAPMINE provides professional services with Advanced Security Solutions.

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