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MRG-Effitas Certification For TRAPMINE

TRAPMINE has been certified by UK-based independent test lab MRG-Effitas for its effective protection againt cyber threats.

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Enterprise-Level Protection For The SMBs

We help Small-to-Medium Business organizations to protect their assets with Enterprise-Level security. TRAPMINE provides the same protection used by large enterprises for SMBs without cost and expertise.

Signature-less Approach to Stop Advanced Threats

Exploits are one of widely known techniques used by cyber attackers to spread malware TRAPMINE is designed to prevent attack techniques used to spread malware. instead of identifying exploits. Taking this approach means all types of cyber attacks can be prevented, whether they are known or unknown threats.

Cloud-Managed Security Service For The SMBs

You can focus on growing your busines instead of manage your endpoint security. We help you to fight against advanced threats with Cloud-Managed Service. With TRAPMINE Cloud-Managed Service, you are able to deploy TRAPMINE easily and manage all endpoints anywhere and anytime.

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Cloud or On-Premise Management

Cloud Management

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Access TRAPMINE ESM anywhere

On-Premise Management

Offline Management

Local Data Storage

Remote Installation

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Exploit Prevention

With TRAPMINE, we simply block attack techniques instead of identifying exploits. TRAPMINE doesn’t try to identify and detect exploit, our solution focuses on attack vectors and block exploitation of the application vulnerabilities. Taking this approach means all types of cyber attacks can be prevented, whether they are known or unknown threats.

Malware Prevention

TRAPMINE performs on-device dynamic instrumentation and behavioral analysis to detect exploit attempts, file-less malware, ransomware and process injection attacks without relying on traditional signatures and IOCs. 

Application Restriction

Malwares are able to hide and launch themselves not only from system folders, but also in the user environment. Application Restriction Policies that providing by TRAPMINE is allowing you to create an extra layer of defense for your organization. With TRAPMINE, You can prevent malware easily by using Application Restriction Policies.

Device Restriction

Malware take advantage of USB and other types of removable drives to infect itself to system TRAPMINE's Device Restriction Policies is able to prevent this type of attacks while still allowing an organization to use USB drives and other types of removable drives.

Blacklist and Whitelist

TRAPMINE with Simple Application Control is helping to block or allow application which you decide to block or allow them. When you decide to block an application, TRAPMINE deploys the rule to all clients quickly and prevents application is running.

Cloud-Based Sandbox

In addition, TRAPMINE ZeroGap integration provides cloud-sourced file reputation and blacklist capability to block known threats at pre-execution stage. Unknown applications are sent to ZeroGap for a verdict. ZeroGap performs machine-learning and sandbox analysis for unknown files on the cloud rapidly to gain more insight and reduce false positives. TRAPMINE ZeroGap Integration provides advanced protection against known and unknown malware.

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